Write about Snails

Practice makes perfect, right? So, let's put that practice to work! Almost everyone has the Common Brown Garden Snail in their yard. Go out and get one. Observe it. Then, write about it!

Here's a Circle Map that has been filled in with a few descriptors. A Tree Map has been started but can be added to. What else can be said about the Garden Snail? What can be added to the Circle Map? What can be added to the Tree Map? Write three sentences using the Thinking Maps.

AR Book Find

I bet YOU have your own 'AR' books at home or have been checking some out at your own public library! 'Accelerated Reader' books are simply those that have the special quizzes to go with them. Check to see if your book book is listed under the AR Book Find. You can find the reading level and more!

Contact info

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