Family Book Report

Every Tuesday night's homework is a Family Book Report. This is where an adult sits down and reads with the child then works together to complete the Family Book Report Form.

Most Tuesdays, the class goes to the school library and the children are able to select their own books. IF a child is unable to attend the library for some reason, a book from home is acceptable for the book report.

Since we are in the 1st trimester the parents or another adult will be responsible for much of the book report. The library book is read first then, together, go over the book report form. Your child should write his/her own name (first name and if possible, last name). Then, together, as the adult asks the questions and the child answers, the adult writes the answers onto the form. Later, your child will be do all of the writing but right now, the adult should do the writing except for the name.

The form and the library book should be returned to school on Wednesday in order to receive homework credit. All forms are collected, collated, and bound into a book. The book collection will be returned on April 23rd at Open House.

AR Book Find

I bet YOU have your own 'AR' books at home or have been checking some out at your own public library! 'Accelerated Reader' books are simply those that have the special quizzes to go with them. Check to see if your book book is listed under the AR Book Find. You can find the reading level and more!

Contact info

You may contact Mrs. S-S via email if you have questions: email Mrs. S-S