Tree Map: American Bald Eagle

We have been learning about patriotism in our Open Court reading lessons. One of the symbols of the United States is the American Bald Eagle. Integrating science into our reading lessons is easy with this topic, and integrating it with a writing activity is…well, a piece of cake and lots of fun, too! Besides, Eagles are such a cool predator—so noble and awesome (not to mention, our school mascot!).

We spent an excellent time as a class generating the Circle Map. The discussion itself should've been caught on video! The verbiage and amount of information was wonderful…we went over the various 'verbs' of what "an eagle can do" which provided an opportunity for great discourse (Can an eagle dance? Can an eagle climb?).

Instead of including the entire Circle Map, a small amount of information was compiled into a Tree Map to be used as a sample and is shown here:From this 'little' Tree Map, as a class we generated the following sentences which were then written onto chart paper:Now, how can you use this Tree Map for practice purposes at home? Simple! Have your child use the Tree Map above along with the following Word Bank:
to write several sentences about the American Bald Eagle.

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