Write about a Tree

Writing a sentence is NOT an easy task for a Kindergartner. In our class, we use Thinking Maps to help organize our thoughts before assembling a sentence. The structure of the sentence is then dictated by the thinking map.

Let's try sentence writing using the topic of trees.

First, we brainstorm ideas/thoughts using a Circle Map. (More could be added but for the sake of simplicity, let's just leave it with these for now.)

From the Circle Map, we move to the Tree Map. This particular move allows for a more linear shift in thinking and adds in the verb have. To provide additional help, illustrations are included for each of the terms.

Now, the children have a visual to help guide them in writing their sentence about trees. Note that the word 'Trees' has been capitalized. This is going to be the first word in the sentence. It has also be printed in green (green for go). The verb have is in black, as it links the words together. The other words are in red (red for stop).

The child makes a sentence by beginning with the word Trees following it with the word have and then choosing one of the other words in red. i.e.,It's that simple! From the Tree Map, five simple 3-word sentences can be written. By using the word and, children can make a much more complex sentence.For a sheet of Kindergarten horizontal writing paper, click here.

AR Book Find

I bet YOU have your own 'AR' books at home or have been checking some out at your own public library! 'Accelerated Reader' books are simply those that have the special quizzes to go with them. Check to see if your book book is listed under the AR Book Find. You can find the reading level and more!

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