Let's Subtract!

We have been working on addition and subtraction for quite some time now, using Cheerios. (Click on SavvyMath to link to Mrs. S-S' math website for info on using Cheerios.) We are now taking the subtraction a step further by using another tool, the Whole-Part-Part Chart, to make the bridge from the concrete (using the Cheerios) to the abstract (using the numbers only).

Let's try an equation together using the new chart.
4 – 3 =
First put four Cheerios in the large rectangle.

Since we are subtracting three (3), take three of the Cheerios and move them down to the first small rectangle below.

How many are left in the big rectangle? (one)
So, 4 – 3 = 1

Easy, right? Click Let's Subtract worksheet to download a page to try or finish up the problems on the math paper your child brought home…

AR Book Find

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