Let's start Journal Writing!

In Kindergarten there are many different teaching techniques and strategies when it comes to the writing process. There are also many differing views on how writing should be taught (and whether or not it should be taught!). In our class, we are going to start journal writing this first week of September and this is what WE are going to do.

In the beginning of the school year the children will start off by copying a sentence and corresponding illustration. The 'lesson' is going to be two-fold: handwriting practice and drawing/sketching techniques. Within the writing, the sentence itself will be one that is relevant to the children, not some ambiguous one just for the sake of writing. It is important that writing has meaning at this stage since many Kindergartners often do not recognize their letters nor understand that when letters are strung together, they have meaning.

The drawing or sketching 'lesson' is not an extensive, time-consuming activity but one that is going to provide the children with some basics. Young children often cannot draw pictures because they haven't been taught any basic techniques.

As sentences are generated, the 5Ws will be part of the 'equation' (who, what, where, when, why/how). This will help with providing a 'setting' (the 'where') for the illustration, as well as the other parts of the overall picture.

Each entry will begin with the date and the child's name, both written on the top line. In the beginning, a date stamp will be used but the child will be responsible for writing his/her name. Initially, the illustration is drawn followed by the sentence. Later, the sentence will be written first.

This form of focused journal writing should not take overlong. Just as homework should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes, journal writing should take no more than 20 minutes MAX!

Click here for a copy of the Kindergarten Writing Paper to use at home.

At school, each child has his/her own bound journal book. At the first Parent-Teacher Conference in December, the journals will be sent home and a new one will be issued for the second trimester.

AR Book Find

I bet YOU have your own 'AR' books at home or have been checking some out at your own public library! 'Accelerated Reader' books are simply those that have the special quizzes to go with them. Check to see if your book book is listed under the AR Book Find. You can find the reading level and more!

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