I have a...and a...and a...

When Kindergartners first begin writing sentences, their sentences are often short, 3-word sentences. Soon, they graduate to longer sentences. When they learn they can combine words with the word 'and,' my goodness! The sentences can become these long, drawn out things that may or may not make sense! It is then time, to teach how to use a comma when making a list and to try to help make sense of the list as well.

Start out with a tree map on a given topic where there is a selection of three words that the child wants to put into the sentence such as the following:
Have the child begin writing the sentence…

and say, "Instead of using the word 'and' use the comma and now choose another one of the words from your tree map." So now, the child's sentence will look like:

Say, ""Okay, let's add another comma and another one of the words from your map." The sentence now looks like…

Now, tell the child, "We are going to add your last word so add another comma then the word 'and.' Now you write your third word." The sentence will finally look like:

*Note: There may be some controversy whether or not it is necessary to have a comma after the second term in the list. This is a personal preference.

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