My Family

Who are the people in your family? How many brothers do you have? How many sisters? Does your grandmother live with you? How about your grandfather? Do any cousins, aunts, or uncles live in your house?

Writing about family members is another wonderful 'story starter.' In fact, this topic is one that can provide MANY days of writing opportunities! Your child can pick one family member to write about and then choose a specific topic about that person and then, just write away.

For example, a story or paragraph can address each of the following:

How does ---- look? (What color hair? What kind of clothes does --- wear? etc.)

What does ---- like to do with you for fun?

Tell about a book that you and --- together. Where did you read it? What did you like about the book? etc.

Family members are really wonderful to write about!

AR Book Find

I bet YOU have your own 'AR' books at home or have been checking some out at your own public library! 'Accelerated Reader' books are simply those that have the special quizzes to go with them. Check to see if your book book is listed under the AR Book Find. You can find the reading level and more!

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